Humble Pie

Unique Survival Experiences and Challenges

Humble Pie focuses on the core aspects of Minecraft while enhancing the survival experience and offering new challenges. We are a small but growing community where you can get to know people and form lasting friendships. Our goal is to provide a long-term, stable server and community where friends and family can feel at home and game in a friendly and fun environment. Our staff are mature adults who have had years of experience as leaders in various online games.

Survival Features

Custom World Generator

Players can explore a world like they have never seen before! Survive the nights in corrupted forests and raid custom dungeons!

Dangerous Wilderness

Hostile mobs become stronger and more difficult to kill the further away from spawn they are, creating a truly dangerous wilderness!

Mob Hunting

Players can earn money by hunting and killing monsters and animals. Higher level monsters drop more money, so get out and hunt!


With the addition of the well known McMMO plugin players can master over a dozen skills to give them additional perks and benefits.

Silk Spawners

Use a diamond pickaxe enchanted with silk touch to mine and collect spawners! Additional spawners are available in the admin store.

PVP Toggle

Players can choose to enable and disable PVP as they please. There is a small chance that players will drop their heads upon death!


Active Staff

All of our staff are all mature adults, they are vigilant and will catch and punish any players who are breaking the rules!

Core Protect

Although griefing is rare, when it does occur staff are able to identify the culprit and punish them accordingly, as well as undo any damage.

Grief Prevention

Players can claim land in order to prevent all forms of griefing. Chests and doors are automatically locked inside claims, preventing theft!

Mini Games


Play the classic Minecraft mini game spleef!

Leaky Floor


Humble Pie also has its own Discord server, allowing players to voice and text chat with ease. Give our server a go, we know you will enjoy playing on it and making new friends!