Christmas Events

Christmas on Humble Pie

Welcome to our first Christmas on Humble Pie! We have a whole bunch of goodies for you to enjoy throughout December. The following features will only be available in December, so be sure to check them out before they are gone!

  • Enjoy a lovely winter themed spawn.
  • Take advantage of our half price sale* on our Buycraft Store throughout the whole of December. Pick up Supporter for only £8!
  • Get weekly and daily gifts from Santa at Santa's grotto! Go to [/warp grotto] to claim your free gifts!
  • Take part in the Season 1 build competition finale with the theme of Christmas! Building will take place between the 10th and 23rd of December, ask a member of staff now to reserve your place! As well as the usual prizes, the winner will get a real Minecraft pig plushie!
  • Play on our new Christmas themed spleef and leaky floor arenas, visit [/warp games] to find them!
  • Rescue Santa from the mad elves in our new Christmas themed mob arena at [/warp holidayhorror], only available until the end of December!
  • Save Christmas from the Grinch army! Battle it out on our Christmas team deathmatch arena at [/warp games]!
  • Decorate your homes with over 50 Christmas themed heads at [/warp xmasshop].
  • We will have a drop party on the 18th of December at 8pm UK time, its going to be a big one!
  • Supporters get 7 new Christmas themed particle effects to use! Type [/h] to access them and become a glittering Christmas tree or an angel!
  • Since it is Christmas, the gift voucher featured in the vote giveaway will be valued at £15 in December, so get those votes in!

We hope to see you on the server celebrating Christmas with us!
* Items included in the half price sale are the Supporter Rank, 48 Hours Fly Buff, 16 Donation Crate Keys, and 8 Supreme Crate Keys!