The Quick Build Update

The Quick Build Update

Enjoy our new quick build challenge game! Players vote on a theme then get five minutes to build before they are judged by their peers. Please let us know your ideas for more themes either on our Twitter account or our Discord server!

Solo and Team Based Building Games

Hello everybody! Following on from our successful relaunch, we are starting to focus more on adding extra games for you to play. We don't want to become a mini-games server and that will never be our goal, however we do realise that sometimes players need to take a break from survival. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more exciting new games for you to play. We really hope you will enjoy what we are going to be building for you!

Enough about that for the moment thought, and lets talk about our new quick build game! The object of the game is to build something according to the selected theme. Players have five minutes to build with access to creative mode. Once the five minutes have passed, the game ends and players are teleported to each build and are given an opportunity to vote on how good it is. Please be honest and fair, these games are no fun when people vote unfairly. If collusion or conspiracy to cheat others out of fair scores is detected, action will be taken.

You can play this new game by accessing the games menu either by typing [/menu] or [/games], you can also type [/warp quickbuild]. The current arena allows for a maximum of 8 players to play at the same time. Once you have joined a game you will have a short period where you can vote on a particularly theme you wish to build, if no one picks a topic one will be chosen at random. Once you are in the arena, you will see an emerald in your hand, right clicking this gives you access to options such as changing your arena floor and adding particle effects.

There is a limited amount of build themes at the moment, please let us know your ideas for more themes either on our Twitter account or our Discord server! You can always talk to members of staff on Humble Pie as well as leave us suggestions at [/warp suggestions]. A team based mode will be released shortly. Thank you to our moderator mental142 for building the arenas!