Valentines Festival

Valentines Festival

Love is in the air this week on Humble Pie! Drop by between Friday the 10th and Monday the 20th of February to enjoy new features and get married to your partner! Enjoy 14% off all items in our donation store during this time.

Special Features and Events

Love is in the air this week on Humble Pie! Players can take advantage of the new features on offer between Friday the 10th and Monday the 20th of February. 

Go to /warp valentines to start your adventure! For a limited time only players can choose a partner to get married to, doing so will unlock a number of benefits for both players. There is a new valentines shop which can be accessed by typing /valentines, buy valentines themed heads and cheap flowers, potions and food!

Players can also claim 2 free valentines crate keys each day the festival is active. Supporters have five new particle effects to play with, while regular players can unlock them using points. There is also a 14% off sale in our donation store! We hope you enjoy the festival!

Marriage Perks

Married players can enjoy a wealth of new benefits! Go to /warp valentines to get married, a priest will have to be assigned.

  • Players can instantly teleport to their partner
  • Experience points boost while in each others presence
  • Rapid health regeneration while in each others presence
  • Share an additional home together
  • Enjoy a new private chat channel
  • Players can enjoy the ability to kiss their partner
  • Players can send gifts to their partner
  • A chat prefix indicates that players are married

New Commands

All players have access to most of the following commands, however in order to marry two people, a player must be assigned the role of priest.

  • /marry name1 name2 - initiates the marriage process for 2 players, players must have the role of priest to be able to use this command
  • /marry chat msg - chat privately with your partner
  • /marry delhome - delete a shared home
  • /marry divorce name - send a divorce request
  • /marry gift - send the item in your hand to your partner
  • /marry home - teleport to your shared home
  • /marry kiss - kiss your partner
  • /marry list - list all married players
  • /marry priest name - assign a player the role of priest
  • /marry sethome - set a shared home
  • /marry tp - teleport to your partner
  • /valentines - open the valentines shop
  • /warp valentines - warp to the chapel