Whisky Recipe

International Whisky Day

A New Brewing Recipe

It's International Whisky Day! Brush off the diamond hoes and get harvesting wheat and wheat seeds so you can start brewing your own whisky! Players recently voted overwhelmingly to keep the brewing plugin after the success it had during the Saint Patrick's festival. As such, we will be adding more and more recipes for you to explore over the coming weeks and months! This whisky will be a permanent feature in our recipe collection. Players still have access to /warp brewery, however we advise you to start building your own breweries as this area will be off limits within the next week or two. 

Recipe for Whisky

Whisky is a quality product so timing must be accurate or you risk ruining the batch! First you must ferment 8 wheat seeds and 2 pieces of wheat for 4 minutes. The resulting grain mash must then be aged in an oak barrel for 8 Minecraft days. Variations include smooth whisky, whisky, and bootleg whisky. Each bottle is approximately 40% alcohol volume!