Golden Hearts Programme

Golden Heart Recipient Xineoph_Vamps

The Golden Heart Programme

Hello everybody! We have some exciting news to bring you today with the introduction of our golden heart programme. Players who have made a significant contribution to the server will be rewarded with a small golden heart next to their name. It's not much, but it is unique and it can only be earned through recognition of your contributions to the server. 


Congratulations to Xineoph_Vamps, the first recipient of our golden heart programme! We have decided to award Xineoph_Vamps the golden heart because of the contribution he has made to the server in the form of his Twitch streams.

Xineoph_Vamps broadcasts entertaining streams where we can watch as he builds his epic castle and explore the server. His streams have brought new players to the server and play a unique role in promoting Humble Pie. Thank you for your outstanding contribution sir.

You can watch Xineoph_Vamps on Twitch at