Combat Update

A Whole New World

We have some exciting news for you today! A new PvP enabled world has been opened, players can access it by typing /warp pvp, or /warps, or by teleporting using the pressure plates at /spawn. 

The previous system of PvP has been removed. As an administrator with limited time running a small scale server, the majority of PvP plugins we have tried to work with have all required too much time to configure, or been too difficult to work with given our limited resources. We decided that removing all of those systems in favour of a simple solution was in our best interests. 

Players who want to engage in PvP can do so in this new world, and those that don't want to take part in PvP need never go there. Just be careful however when teleporting to players, don't fall victim to teleportation traps! 

Players can build freely here, and also grief, consider it an anarchy world, so be careful what you bring to it! Players enter the PvP world at their own risk and moderators will not get involved with any disputes that occur inside this world, with the sole exception of players tricking other players into teleporting to them from PvP safe worlds. 

Updated Rules

Do not trick players into teleporting to the pvp world. This can result in jail time or even a temporary ban!

Top Killer

Become the top killer on the server! Players can view leaderhead stats at /spawn or by typing /leaderheads menu topkiller. Can you be number 1?


We have added graves to Humble Pie! When a player dies a grave will appear with their skull on it. Players will have up to 20 minutes to get back to their grave and break it open to retrieve their items. Players can only break their own graves open, and can do so even if their grave happens to be inside someones claim. 

New World Features

  • TNT and explosions enabled throughout the entire world, you can even hatch Ghasts and use them as offensive weapons! Build TNT cannons!
  • A safe spawn zone.
  • A warning message every time you enter the PvP world.
  • No elite mobs spawn in this world.
  • RTP
  • Small epic world that gets reset every 3 months.