Christmas Festival 2017

Christmas Returns to Humble Pie!

It doesn't seem that long since we were last celebrating Christmas but here we are again! Welcome to the second Humble Pie Christmas Festival! We have lots of goodies for you to check out this year, and I would like to thank my wonderful staff team for helping to build and organise everything. Special thanks to Razzicle, Xineoph_Vamps, Alexmagica, car0marie, and our temporary staff mental142, Missteria and Davazhar for your efforts and contributions!

All of the following features and events can be found in the main menu in the Christmas section! The Christmas Festival event will run throughout the whole of December. 

Christmas Build Competition

Thats right, we have a Christmas build competition! Players have between the 1st and 27th of December to build a Christmas themed project in the new Christmas world, projects in other worlds will not be judged. Players should be able to find spaces just a short distance away from Christmas town to build.

RTP is enabled on this world for those players who have unlocked it in the point shop. Please note that although players are encouraged to protect their claims using the usual claim protection system, griefing in the Christmas world is strictly forbidden! Once you are finished with your build, you can submit coordinates to your build to staff on Discord or in game. 

The best builds will be featured in our Christmas Festival video and may even be used in next years festival! The winners will win fun prizes! All players will have until the 10th of January to claim their materials back after the competition.

Christmas Quests

We are excited to bring quests to Humble Pie for the first time! Players can claim one quest book every 24 hours. Each quest book will have between 3 and 6 random tasks to complete, finishing the quest book will give players random rewards, from crate keys to exclusive mob eggs and random loot. 

The Christmas quest book is an experiment and a possible precursor to introducing a full questing system to Humble Pie!

Advent Calendar

Every day players will be able to unlock a new crate key which can be redeemed at our advent calendar. Unlock advent calendar keys from the main menu. Simply go to our new Christmas world and look for the big Christmas cracker!

Christmas World

Warp to our Christmas world [/warp christmas] to explore a whole new world of festive fun!

Zombie Santa

Watch out for Zombie Santa and his Zombie Elf minions! There is a small chance of Zombie Santa spawning in the main world. Killing him will make him drop all his presents, but be careful, it will also summon his evil little minions!

Snowball Fight Game

We are very excited to introduce Xineoph_Vamp's Christmas snowball fight game! It works like a team death match, however instead of arrows and swords you will find yourself equipped with snowballs! Be sure to stand on flag platforms to restock your snowball supply. This game is a lot of fun!

Christmas Lucky Draw

Take part in Razzicle's Christmas Lucky Draw and win fun prizes! The draw will take place on the 17th of December at 8pm, as usual message any member of staff to take part!

Christmas Head Shop

Choose from over 200 different Christmas themed heads to decorate your homes and trees with!

Christmas Particle Effects

Players who were not around for the 2016 Christmas Festival or who didn't manage to unlock all particle effects last year now have another chance to unlock these exclusive particle effects! Each particle effect costs 8 points to unlock, and can be found in the main menu!

Christmas Chat Reaction Games

Throughout the month of December we will feature a new word list for our chat reaction games, all Christmas themed! Remember, be the quickest to type or unscramble a word and get some reward crate keys!