Introducing Pets!

Hello everybody!

So we are really excited to launch a new voter/donator feature for you today, pets! Now I am not just talking about the usual lame pets in a lot of servers that just sit there and look pretty, but I am talking about pets that will hunt other mobs… or players..!

Ever wanted a blood thirsty baby sheep to do your bidding? Now you can! The pets system is entirely new not only to this community but to the wider Minecraft audience as a whole, it is a fairly new plugin.

So here are some things you need to know:

Please note that this is just fresh out the bag. It has been tested throughly for bugs but if you find anything please do let us know!

To obtain pet eggs you can either buy them with vote points (1 egg per 16 points) or through the donation store (type /donate for more information) – CURRENTLY DISABLED WHILE WORKING OUT A BUG. I understand some players may be disappointed that you can only earn them this way (for now, more ways may be explored soon!), however we do need to offer good incentives for people to vote – after all, voting is very important for the server.

Once you have an egg, place it in your secondary hand, then simply wait until it hatches! We recommend that you go about your usual business while you wait for it to hatch, as pets like active players!

Pets appear as a head in your inventory, think of this as a pokeball. Right click the ground with the head in your hand and it will spawn your pet. You can rename the pet with a nametag or by putting the head in an anvil. Please be aware you can only name a pet once. This may change in future.

To recall a pet it must be at full health, you can heal pets with healing potions. Right click to recall a pet. Pets can be traded or sold like any other item. Thats right, players can now have actual legit pet shops!

If your pet runs out of health it will return to your inventory, you can heal it by dropping pet food on to its head in your inventory. Pet food is also earned through voting or donating, however we may add the ability to craft pet food in the near future.

Pets will attack any hostile mobs surrounding you, they act as bodyguards essentially. They will also attack any mob or player you punch. By levelling pets up you will increase their strength and health. Please note that baby pets are quite weak, and we recommend training them against farm animals first before taking on monsters.

Pets start off as small babies, then grow to adults. Players who prefer the cute look of baby pets can shrink them again using the /rpgpets minify command once pets reach level 15. This command can be unlocked permanently in the point shop for 64 points.

Random pets hatch from eggs, here is the full list of available pets, and what chances you have of getting them:

Tier 1

These are basic pets, they can be trained to level 20.

  • Chicken (8%)
  • Cow (8%)
  • Donkey (8%)
  • Horse (8%)
  • Llama (8%)
  • Mooshroom (8%)
  • Pig (8%)
  • Sheep (8%)
  • Ocelot (8%)
  • Wolf (8%)

Tier 2

These mobs have more health and strength. They can be trained to level 25.

  • Zombie Pigman (4.8%)
  • Zombie (4.8%)

Tier 3

These are the best mobs to get, very strong and with lots of health. They can be trained to level 30.

  • Villager (4%)
  • Polar Bear (3.2%)
  • Bunny Rabbit (1.6% – VERY VICIOUS!)

Any questions about pets, please don’t be afraid to ask!