Combat Update

Combat Update

A Whole New World

We have some exciting news for you today! A new PvP enabled world has been opened, players can access it by typing /warp pvp, or /warps, or by teleporting using the pressure plates at /spawn. 

The previous system of PvP has been removed. As an administrator with limited time running a small scale server, the majority of PvP plugins we have tried to work with have all required too much time to configure, or been too difficult to work with given our limited resources. We decided that removing all of those systems in favour of a simple solution was in our best interests. 

Players who want to engage in PvP can do so in this new world, and those that don't want to take part in PvP need never go there. Just be careful however when teleporting to players, don't fall victim to teleportation traps! 

Players can build freely here, and also grief, consider it an anarchy world, so be careful what you bring to it! Players enter the PvP world at their own risk and moderators will not get involved with any disputes that occur inside this world, with the sole exception of players tricking other players into teleporting to them from PvP safe worlds. 

Updated Rules

Do not trick players into teleporting to the pvp world. This can result in jail time or even a temporary ban!

Top Killer

Become the top killer on the server! Players can view leaderhead stats at /spawn or by typing /leaderheads menu topkiller. Can you be number 1?


We have added graves to Humble Pie! When a player dies a grave will appear with their skull on it. Players will have up to 20 minutes to get back to their grave and break it open to retrieve their items. Players can only break their own graves open, and can do so even if their grave happens to be inside someones claim. 

New World Features

  • TNT and explosions enabled throughout the entire world, you can even hatch Ghasts and use them as offensive weapons! Build TNT cannons!
  • A safe spawn zone.
  • A warning message every time you enter the PvP world.
  • No elite mobs spawn in this world.
  • RTP
  • Small epic world that gets reset every 3 months.
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Golden Heart Recipient Xineoph_Vamps

Golden Heart Recipient Xineoph_Vamps

The Golden Heart Programme

Hello everybody! We have some exciting news to bring you today with the introduction of our golden heart programme. Players who have made a significant contribution to the server will be rewarded with a small golden heart next to their name. It's not much, but it is unique and it can only be earned through recognition of your contributions to the server. 


Congratulations to Xineoph_Vamps, the first recipient of our golden heart programme! We have decided to award Xineoph_Vamps the golden heart because of the contribution he has made to the server in the form of his Twitch streams.

Xineoph_Vamps broadcasts entertaining streams where we can watch as he builds his epic castle and explore the server. His streams have brought new players to the server and play a unique role in promoting Humble Pie. Thank you for your outstanding contribution sir.

You can watch Xineoph_Vamps on Twitch at

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Easter Festival

Easter Festival

The Easter Egg Hunt

Hello and happy Easter! We have a humble little event for you all taking place between the 11th and 18th of April. Access the /easter shop and buy lots of custom heads and brand new Easter particle effects! There are currently 32 eggs around /spawn which players can interact with. Right clicking on an egg will give players a little reward, some eggs can only be used once, so try to find them quickly! Other eggs can be used repeatedly. More eggs will be added on a daily basis throughout the event. Happy hunting!

New Cosmetics Menu

Once you have unlocked the special Easter seasonal particles from the /easter shop, you can access the particles through the new /cosmetics menu. This menu is a new feature and some elements are still being developed. Keep an eye out for more features coming soon!

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International Whisky Day

International Whisky Day

A New Brewing Recipe

It's International Whisky Day! Brush off the diamond hoes and get harvesting wheat and wheat seeds so you can start brewing your own whisky! Players recently voted overwhelmingly to keep the brewing plugin after the success it had during the Saint Patrick's festival. As such, we will be adding more and more recipes for you to explore over the coming weeks and months! This whisky will be a permanent feature in our recipe collection. Players still have access to /warp brewery, however we advise you to start building your own breweries as this area will be off limits within the next week or two. 

Recipe for Whisky

Whisky is a quality product so timing must be accurate or you risk ruining the batch! First you must ferment 8 wheat seeds and 2 pieces of wheat for 4 minutes. The resulting grain mash must then be aged in an oak barrel for 8 Minecraft days. Variations include smooth whisky, whisky, and bootleg whisky. Each bottle is approximately 40% alcohol volume!

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Saint Patricks Festival

Saint Patricks Festival

Festival Features

The Saint Patrick's Festival is here! For the next ten days players will be able to brew their own beers and other alcoholic drinks, get drunk and party! 

  • Brew your own alcoholic drinks and get drunk!
  • Cheap beer mugs and Irish themed heads!
  • Four new particle effects to collect!
  • Visit our brewery at /warp brewery!
  • Type /menu to access all the fun!

The Origin of Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland. On St Patrick's Day it is customary to wear shamrocks and green clothing or accessories.

The colour green has been associated with Ireland since at least the 1640s, when the green harp flag was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation. Green ribbons and shamrocks have been worn on St Patrick's Day since at least the 1680s.

Step One

Step one is fermenting fresh ingredients. Place a cauldron over a fire and fill it with water. Add the required ingredients by right clicking the cauldron with the ingredients in your hand. You can right click the cauldron with a clock to see how long they have been fermenting for. Once they have fermented for the duration specified in your recipe, empty the brew into glass bottles. 

Step Two

Not all recipes may require step two. This is the distilling process, more commonly used for spirits rather than beers. Put your bottles on to a brewing stand with glowstone dust as the filter on top of the bottles. Repeat the distilling process as many times as your recipe requires it. 

Step Three

Not all recipes require step three. Ageing is more for beers and ciders rather than for spirits. Right click the Barrel sign on any small or large barrel and place your brews in the inventory slots to age. You can track how long they have been ageing by checking the brew's lore. Some recipes may require a specific type of barrel, for example oak or spruce. 

Go to /warp brewery to see and use examples!

Recipe for Beer

A simple beer requires 6 wheat to be fermented for 8 minutes. The brew must then be aged in any barrel for 3 mc days.

Recipe for Dark Beer

Dark Beer requires 6 wheat to be fermented for 8 minutes. The brew must then be aged for 8 mc days in a spruce barrel.

Recipe for Mead

Mead requires 6 sugar canes to be fermented for 3 minutes. The brew must then be aged for 4 mc days in an oak barrel.

Recipe for Cider

Cider requires 6 sugar canes and 2 apples to be fermented for 4 minutes. The brew must then be aged for 4 mc days in an oak barrel.

Recipe for Spicy Rum

Arrr, spicy rum requires 14 sugar canes to be fermented for 5 minutes. The brew will then be distilled 2 times, and then aged for 14 mc days in an oak barrel.

Recipe for Vodka

Vodka requires 10 potatoes to be fermented for 15 minutes. The brew will then need to be distilled 3 times. 

Recipe for Absinthe

Absinthe requires 15 dead bushes to be fermented for 3 minutes. The brew will then need to be distilled 6 times. Expect this one to hurt!

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Valentines Festival

Valentines Festival

Special Features and Events

Love is in the air this week on Humble Pie! Players can take advantage of the new features on offer between Friday the 10th and Monday the 20th of February. 

Go to /warp valentines to start your adventure! For a limited time only players can choose a partner to get married to, doing so will unlock a number of benefits for both players. There is a new valentines shop which can be accessed by typing /valentines, buy valentines themed heads and cheap flowers, potions and food!

Players can also claim 2 free valentines crate keys each day the festival is active. Supporters have five new particle effects to play with, while regular players can unlock them using points. There is also a 14% off sale in our donation store! We hope you enjoy the festival!

Marriage Perks

Married players can enjoy a wealth of new benefits! Go to /warp valentines to get married, a priest will have to be assigned.

  • Players can instantly teleport to their partner
  • Experience points boost while in each others presence
  • Rapid health regeneration while in each others presence
  • Share an additional home together
  • Enjoy a new private chat channel
  • Players can enjoy the ability to kiss their partner
  • Players can send gifts to their partner
  • A chat prefix indicates that players are married

New Commands

All players have access to most of the following commands, however in order to marry two people, a player must be assigned the role of priest.

  • /marry name1 name2 - initiates the marriage process for 2 players, players must have the role of priest to be able to use this command
  • /marry chat msg - chat privately with your partner
  • /marry delhome - delete a shared home
  • /marry divorce name - send a divorce request
  • /marry gift - send the item in your hand to your partner
  • /marry home - teleport to your shared home
  • /marry kiss - kiss your partner
  • /marry list - list all married players
  • /marry priest name - assign a player the role of priest
  • /marry sethome - set a shared home
  • /marry tp - teleport to your partner
  • /valentines - open the valentines shop
  • /warp valentines - warp to the chapel
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The Quick Build Update

The Quick Build Update

Solo and Team Based Building Games

Hello everybody! Following on from our successful relaunch, we are starting to focus more on adding extra games for you to play. We don't want to become a mini-games server and that will never be our goal, however we do realise that sometimes players need to take a break from survival. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more exciting new games for you to play. We really hope you will enjoy what we are going to be building for you!

Enough about that for the moment thought, and lets talk about our new quick build game! The object of the game is to build something according to the selected theme. Players have five minutes to build with access to creative mode. Once the five minutes have passed, the game ends and players are teleported to each build and are given an opportunity to vote on how good it is. Please be honest and fair, these games are no fun when people vote unfairly. If collusion or conspiracy to cheat others out of fair scores is detected, action will be taken.

You can play this new game by accessing the games menu either by typing [/menu] or [/games], you can also type [/warp quickbuild]. The current arena allows for a maximum of 8 players to play at the same time. Once you have joined a game you will have a short period where you can vote on a particularly theme you wish to build, if no one picks a topic one will be chosen at random. Once you are in the arena, you will see an emerald in your hand, right clicking this gives you access to options such as changing your arena floor and adding particle effects.

There is a limited amount of build themes at the moment, please let us know your ideas for more themes either on our Twitter account or our Discord server! You can always talk to members of staff on Humble Pie as well as leave us suggestions at [/warp suggestions]. A team based mode will be released shortly. Thank you to our moderator mental142 for building the arenas!

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Road Map to 1.11.2

Road Map to 1.11.2

Updating Humble Pie

Humble Pie has been online for nine months now, and what a great nine months it has been! There were some high points and some low points, and we have learned a great deal along the way. We are humbled (ha, get it? humbled?) by the response to our server and all of our fantastic players and donors!

Humble Pie is going to be going through a very big transformation during the first weeks of January 2017. Please note that the following timeline is what we are planning for upgrading to 1.11.2, but of course, sometimes plans go awry for any number of reasons, so please be patient if things take a little longer than we anticipate. Thank you!

Update Schedule

On Tuesday the 10th of January 2017 the server will be whitelisted to staff only. Our initial plan is to effectively take the server offline for four days while we do major plugin configurations and update the server to 1.11.2. The reason for taking the server offline for this amount of time is to ensure that we can be as thorough as possible in verifying that plugins are working as they should be, and to ensure a great experience for players when they come back.

As many of you may know, we will also be adding a new map to the server during this time. We are using an epic world generator to give you a Minecraft experience unlike any you have had before! The staff thought long and hard about how best to do this, but we have decided that now is a good time for a fresh start. The old world will be gone, inventories will be emptied, money, mcmmo and job stats will all be wiped. It will be as though you are a brand new player, supporters will keep their rank of course.

We have talked to many players and we are excited by the positive feedback, but we understand that some players may not be happy with this.

We are currently exploring some options for the economy and we may be making changes to the way that certain elements of the server works, including spawners, the head shop, and how you buy and sell items. We are also exploring the possibilities of creative based build competitions and vote based ranks. We will keep you informed about our progress on our Discord server and our Twitter account!

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Christmas on Humble Pie

Christmas on Humble Pie

Welcome to our first Christmas on Humble Pie! We have a whole bunch of goodies for you to enjoy throughout December. The following features will only be available in December, so be sure to check them out before they are gone!

  • Enjoy a lovely winter themed spawn.
  • Take advantage of our half price sale* on our Buycraft Store throughout the whole of December. Pick up Supporter for only £8!
  • Get weekly and daily gifts from Santa at Santa's grotto! Go to [/warp grotto] to claim your free gifts!
  • Take part in the Season 1 build competition finale with the theme of Christmas! Building will take place between the 10th and 23rd of December, ask a member of staff now to reserve your place! As well as the usual prizes, the winner will get a real Minecraft pig plushie!
  • Play on our new Christmas themed spleef and leaky floor arenas, visit [/warp games] to find them!
  • Rescue Santa from the mad elves in our new Christmas themed mob arena at [/warp holidayhorror], only available until the end of December!
  • Save Christmas from the Grinch army! Battle it out on our Christmas team deathmatch arena at [/warp games]!
  • Decorate your homes with over 50 Christmas themed heads at [/warp xmasshop].
  • We will have a drop party on the 18th of December at 8pm UK time, its going to be a big one!
  • Supporters get 7 new Christmas themed particle effects to use! Type [/h] to access them and become a glittering Christmas tree or an angel!
  • Since it is Christmas, the gift voucher featured in the vote giveaway will be valued at £15 in December, so get those votes in!

We hope to see you on the server celebrating Christmas with us!
* Items included in the half price sale are the Supporter Rank, 48 Hours Fly Buff, 16 Donation Crate Keys, and 8 Supreme Crate Keys!

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