Introducing Pets!

Introducing Pets!

Hello everybody!

So we are really excited to launch a new voter/donator feature for you today, pets! Now I am not just talking about the usual lame pets in a lot of servers that just sit there and look pretty, but I am talking about pets that will hunt other mobs… or players..!

Ever wanted a blood thirsty baby sheep to do your bidding? Now you can! The pets system is entirely new not only to this community but to the wider Minecraft audience as a whole, it is a fairly new plugin.

So here are some things you need to know:

Please note that this is just fresh out the bag. It has been tested throughly for bugs but if you find anything please do let us know!

To obtain pet eggs you can either buy them with vote points (1 egg per 16 points) or through the donation store (type /donate for more information) – CURRENTLY DISABLED WHILE WORKING OUT A BUG. I understand some players may be disappointed that you can only earn them this way (for now, more ways may be explored soon!), however we do need to offer good incentives for people to vote – after all, voting is very important for the server.

Once you have an egg, place it in your secondary hand, then simply wait until it hatches! We recommend that you go about your usual business while you wait for it to hatch, as pets like active players!

Pets appear as a head in your inventory, think of this as a pokeball. Right click the ground with the head in your hand and it will spawn your pet. You can rename the pet with a nametag or by putting the head in an anvil. Please be aware you can only name a pet once. This may change in future.

To recall a pet it must be at full health, you can heal pets with healing potions. Right click to recall a pet. Pets can be traded or sold like any other item. Thats right, players can now have actual legit pet shops!

If your pet runs out of health it will return to your inventory, you can heal it by dropping pet food on to its head in your inventory. Pet food is also earned through voting or donating, however we may add the ability to craft pet food in the near future.

Pets will attack any hostile mobs surrounding you, they act as bodyguards essentially. They will also attack any mob or player you punch. By levelling pets up you will increase their strength and health. Please note that baby pets are quite weak, and we recommend training them against farm animals first before taking on monsters.

Pets start off as small babies, then grow to adults. Players who prefer the cute look of baby pets can shrink them again using the /rpgpets minify command once pets reach level 15. This command can be unlocked permanently in the point shop for 64 points.

Random pets hatch from eggs, here is the full list of available pets, and what chances you have of getting them:

Tier 1

These are basic pets, they can be trained to level 20.

  • Chicken (8%)
  • Cow (8%)
  • Donkey (8%)
  • Horse (8%)
  • Llama (8%)
  • Mooshroom (8%)
  • Pig (8%)
  • Sheep (8%)
  • Ocelot (8%)
  • Wolf (8%)

Tier 2

These mobs have more health and strength. They can be trained to level 25.

  • Zombie Pigman (4.8%)
  • Zombie (4.8%)

Tier 3

These are the best mobs to get, very strong and with lots of health. They can be trained to level 30.

  • Villager (4%)
  • Polar Bear (3.2%)
  • Bunny Rabbit (1.6% – VERY VICIOUS!)

Any questions about pets, please don’t be afraid to ask!

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Looking for a New Member of Staff

Hello fellow pies! We thought we would try something a little different. We are currently looking for a new member of staff but we thought we would give people the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for the role.

We are really looking for someone who will help to promote the server and be able to put some time in to helping new players. Do you feel you could do this? Drop MrHumblePie a PM on Discord or email us with a couple paragraphs explaining who you are and what you would do to help boost server numbers!

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Christmas Returns to Humble Pie!

Christmas Returns to Humble Pie!

It doesn't seem that long since we were last celebrating Christmas but here we are again! Welcome to the second Humble Pie Christmas Festival! We have lots of goodies for you to check out this year, and I would like to thank my wonderful staff team for helping to build and organise everything. Special thanks to Razzicle, Xineoph_Vamps, Alexmagica, car0marie, and our temporary staff mental142, Missteria and Davazhar for your efforts and contributions!

All of the following features and events can be found in the main menu in the Christmas section! The Christmas Festival event will run throughout the whole of December. 

Christmas Build Competition

Thats right, we have a Christmas build competition! Players have between the 1st and 27th of December to build a Christmas themed project in the new Christmas world, projects in other worlds will not be judged. Players should be able to find spaces just a short distance away from Christmas town to build.

RTP is enabled on this world for those players who have unlocked it in the point shop. Please note that although players are encouraged to protect their claims using the usual claim protection system, griefing in the Christmas world is strictly forbidden! Once you are finished with your build, you can submit coordinates to your build to staff on Discord or in game. 

The best builds will be featured in our Christmas Festival video and may even be used in next years festival! The winners will win fun prizes! All players will have until the 10th of January to claim their materials back after the competition.

Christmas Quests

We are excited to bring quests to Humble Pie for the first time! Players can claim one quest book every 24 hours. Each quest book will have between 3 and 6 random tasks to complete, finishing the quest book will give players random rewards, from crate keys to exclusive mob eggs and random loot. 

The Christmas quest book is an experiment and a possible precursor to introducing a full questing system to Humble Pie!

Advent Calendar

Every day players will be able to unlock a new crate key which can be redeemed at our advent calendar. Unlock advent calendar keys from the main menu. Simply go to our new Christmas world and look for the big Christmas cracker!

Christmas World

Warp to our Christmas world [/warp christmas] to explore a whole new world of festive fun!

Zombie Santa

Watch out for Zombie Santa and his Zombie Elf minions! There is a small chance of Zombie Santa spawning in the main world. Killing him will make him drop all his presents, but be careful, it will also summon his evil little minions!

Snowball Fight Game

We are very excited to introduce Xineoph_Vamp's Christmas snowball fight game! It works like a team death match, however instead of arrows and swords you will find yourself equipped with snowballs! Be sure to stand on flag platforms to restock your snowball supply. This game is a lot of fun!

Christmas Lucky Draw

Take part in Razzicle's Christmas Lucky Draw and win fun prizes! The draw will take place on the 17th of December at 8pm, as usual message any member of staff to take part!

Christmas Head Shop

Choose from over 200 different Christmas themed heads to decorate your homes and trees with!

Christmas Particle Effects

Players who were not around for the 2016 Christmas Festival or who didn't manage to unlock all particle effects last year now have another chance to unlock these exclusive particle effects! Each particle effect costs 8 points to unlock, and can be found in the main menu!

Christmas Chat Reaction Games

Throughout the month of December we will feature a new word list for our chat reaction games, all Christmas themed! Remember, be the quickest to type or unscramble a word and get some reward crate keys!

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Combat Update

Combat Update

A Whole New World

We have some exciting news for you today! A new PvP enabled world has been opened, players can access it by typing /warp pvp, or /warps, or by teleporting using the pressure plates at /spawn. 

The previous system of PvP has been removed. As an administrator with limited time running a small scale server, the majority of PvP plugins we have tried to work with have all required too much time to configure, or been too difficult to work with given our limited resources. We decided that removing all of those systems in favour of a simple solution was in our best interests. 

Players who want to engage in PvP can do so in this new world, and those that don't want to take part in PvP need never go there. Just be careful however when teleporting to players, don't fall victim to teleportation traps! 

Players can build freely here, and also grief, consider it an anarchy world, so be careful what you bring to it! Players enter the PvP world at their own risk and moderators will not get involved with any disputes that occur inside this world, with the sole exception of players tricking other players into teleporting to them from PvP safe worlds. 

Updated Rules

Do not trick players into teleporting to the pvp world. This can result in jail time or even a temporary ban!

Top Killer

Become the top killer on the server! Players can view leaderhead stats at /spawn or by typing /leaderheads menu topkiller. Can you be number 1?


We have added graves to Humble Pie! When a player dies a grave will appear with their skull on it. Players will have up to 20 minutes to get back to their grave and break it open to retrieve their items. Players can only break their own graves open, and can do so even if their grave happens to be inside someones claim. 

New World Features

  • TNT and explosions enabled throughout the entire world, you can even hatch Ghasts and use them as offensive weapons! Build TNT cannons!
  • A safe spawn zone.
  • A warning message every time you enter the PvP world.
  • No elite mobs spawn in this world.
  • RTP
  • Small epic world that gets reset every 3 months.
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Golden Heart Recipient Xineoph_Vamps

Golden Heart Recipient Xineoph_Vamps

The Golden Heart Programme

Hello everybody! We have some exciting news to bring you today with the introduction of our golden heart programme. Players who have made a significant contribution to the server will be rewarded with a small golden heart next to their name. It's not much, but it is unique and it can only be earned through recognition of your contributions to the server. 


Congratulations to Xineoph_Vamps, the first recipient of our golden heart programme! We have decided to award Xineoph_Vamps the golden heart because of the contribution he has made to the server in the form of his Twitch streams.

Xineoph_Vamps broadcasts entertaining streams where we can watch as he builds his epic castle and explore the server. His streams have brought new players to the server and play a unique role in promoting Humble Pie. Thank you for your outstanding contribution sir.

You can watch Xineoph_Vamps on Twitch at

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Easter Festival

Easter Festival

The Easter Egg Hunt

Hello and happy Easter! We have a humble little event for you all taking place between the 11th and 18th of April. Access the /easter shop and buy lots of custom heads and brand new Easter particle effects! There are currently 32 eggs around /spawn which players can interact with. Right clicking on an egg will give players a little reward, some eggs can only be used once, so try to find them quickly! Other eggs can be used repeatedly. More eggs will be added on a daily basis throughout the event. Happy hunting!

New Cosmetics Menu

Once you have unlocked the special Easter seasonal particles from the /easter shop, you can access the particles through the new /cosmetics menu. This menu is a new feature and some elements are still being developed. Keep an eye out for more features coming soon!

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International Whisky Day

International Whisky Day

A New Brewing Recipe

It's International Whisky Day! Brush off the diamond hoes and get harvesting wheat and wheat seeds so you can start brewing your own whisky! Players recently voted overwhelmingly to keep the brewing plugin after the success it had during the Saint Patrick's festival. As such, we will be adding more and more recipes for you to explore over the coming weeks and months! This whisky will be a permanent feature in our recipe collection. Players still have access to /warp brewery, however we advise you to start building your own breweries as this area will be off limits within the next week or two. 

Recipe for Whisky

Whisky is a quality product so timing must be accurate or you risk ruining the batch! First you must ferment 8 wheat seeds and 2 pieces of wheat for 4 minutes. The resulting grain mash must then be aged in an oak barrel for 8 Minecraft days. Variations include smooth whisky, whisky, and bootleg whisky. Each bottle is approximately 40% alcohol volume!

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Saint Patricks Festival

Saint Patricks Festival

The Saint Patricks Festival is here! Players can enjoy the new brewery facilities and brew their own beers and ciders, but remember, please drink responsibly!

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Valentines Festival

Valentines Festival

Love is in the air this week on Humble Pie! Drop by between Friday the 10th and Monday the 20th of February to enjoy new features and get married to your partner! Enjoy 14% off all items in our donation store during this time.

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The Quick Build Update

The Quick Build Update

Enjoy our new quick build challenge game! Players vote on a theme then get five minutes to build before they are judged by their peers. Please let us know your ideas for more themes either on our Twitter account or our Discord server!

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