Support the Server

Donations allow the administrators at Humble Pie to invest in better plugins and server specifications. No profits are made on any purchases and every donation is used to pay the server bills. Thank you for your donations!

Supporting the Server

Donations are the lifeblood of Humble Pie, the server is paid for entirely by using donations from the community. Running costs include hosting, domain names, databases, premium plugins, upgrades and other associated costs. Our store is and always will be fully EULA compliant.

There is a monthly donation goal of £64. This pays the server bills and sets aside some money for development and advertising. If the monthly donation goal is met, players are rewarded with a drop party!

Store Support

Ranks or items from our store are applied to your account within 15 minutes of purchase. If you do not receive your rank or items within this amount of time, please get in touch via our contact page or talk to a member of staff on the server. We are very grateful to all of our players who support us!