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BetterChairs is a fun little plugin that allows players to sit on chairs and slabs. Players can unlock this ability from the point shop for 16 points

Player Commands

Disable or enable the ability to sit.
Unlock for 16 points.


The ColoredAnvils plugin enables players who have supporter or donor ranks to add colours to item names through the use of anvils. It is very easy to use, players simply apply colour codes when renaming an item using an anvil. The item preview is updated live as the player types so they can see what the item will look like before committing to the change and using experience points.


The Disposal plugin provides a simple and fast way of getting rid of unwanted items. Players simply drop items into the disposal interface, however do be careful as there is no way retrieve items should they be disposed of accidentally. 

Player Commands

Open the disposal interface.


The LevelHearts plugin allows players to increase their maximum health, however this effect is not permanent. Players start with the default amount of 10 hearts and can gain an extra heart for every 5 experience levels they gain. For example, if a player is level 20 they will have a total of 14 hearts. 

If a player loses experience levels, either by bottling them or by enchanting, they may also lose any extra hearts they have gained. Players stop earning extra hearts when they reach level 100, allowing for a grand total of 30 hearts. This should be more than enough to help players fight even the scariest of mobs out there! There are no commands associated with this plugin. 


RPGHealthIndicator is a simple little plugin that displays health bars at the top of the screen when attacking or right clicking on a mob or player. There are no commands associated with this plugin.