World Maps

Our main world has nearly half a million chunks for players to explore! Our maps will help you explore and find your ideal place to build. Players can read chat from the server in real time, and send messages without having to connect to the server.

Over 1 Million Tiles Rendered

With over one million tiles rendered, our maps will help you explore and find your ideal place to build. Unexplored regions are shown in black, while occupied regions are indicated by red containers. Green containers indicate abandoned regions, after a region has been abandoned for three months, it will be removed from the map. 

Wandering travellers should be careful however, as monsters become more powerful the further players walk from spawn. You could soon find yourself at the edge of the map in a corrupted forest facing a level 88 skeleton with 90 health points! Ouch.

Using Web Chat

The Dynmap web page allows you to read chat from the server in real time, it also enables you to send messages without having to connect to the server once an initial setup process is completed. To create a chat account, click on the chat requires login button at the bottom left hand corner of the Dynmap web page.

If you are registering as a new user, you will have to connect to the Humble Pie server just this once to run the /dynmap webregister command. You will be given a username and a registration code. Enter these details along with a password of your choice in the Dynmap registration page, you will now be able to use the web chat facility on the Dynmap web page. Future uses will only require you to enter your username and password, you will not be required to log in to the server.