Staff Resources

This page is not on the main menu, so you may want to bookmark it. Alternatively, it is also available through the pinned messages on the staff channel of the Discord server. This page is a useful resource for information regarding staff practices and plugins. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Mr Humble Pie!

Staff Rules
Yes even staff members have rules that they must follow! If you have any questions about these rules, or if you need general advice on moderating the server please feel free to ask Mr Humble Pie.

  1. Creative must not be used where it would cause an unfair advantage over regular players. For example, you cannot stock your market plots with items from creative, nor use creative mode to gain unfair advantage in games and events such as drop parties or building competitions.
  2. All incidents should be reported in the staff room of the discord chat, this ensures that there is a written record of all incidents that can be referred back to if required.
  3. Do not give players free items from creative, nor should you give them free money, unless it is from your personal account.
  4. Worldedit may be used to help regular players in exceptional circumstances, for example if a player is attempting to undertake a significantly large project and could use a hand with landscaping. Please use in moderation.

Punishing Players
Players can be muted using [/mute playername 1h], you can change the time value to whatever may be appropriate for the given situation at the time. You can unmute a prematurely by typing [/mute playername]. You can also softmute a player by typing [/softmute playername], this mutes the player however it does not inform them that they have been muted. You can use the same command to unsoftmute a player.

Jail time can be issued by typing [/jail playername jailname 1h], you can change the time value depending on the situation. Available jails are jail1, jail2, jail3 and jail4. You can release a player from jail early by typing [/unjail playername].

We do not use temporary bans on Humble Pie. Permanent bans should be issued as a last resort, however if the situation warrents it you can ban a player by typing [/ban playername reason]. Please give an informative reason and then inform the rest of the staff team in the staff channel on Discord.

Quick Plugin References
The following links provide information on some of the more advanced and frequently used plugins. Staff have all available permission nodes for Essentials, WorldEdit and WorldGuard.

– astools.cmdblock
– astools.command
– astools.use
– bukkit.command.effect
– chatreaction.wins.others
– chestshop.mod
– coreprotect.inspect
– coreprotect.lookup
– coreprotect.restore
– coreprotect.rollback
– dynmap.hide.self
– essentials.*
– griefprevention.deleteclaims
– griefprevention.eavesdropsigns
– griefprevention.ignoreclaims
– griefprevention.softmute
– orebfuscator.deobfuscate
– serversigns.command.add
– serversigns.command.remove
– signs.edit
– signs.use
– wesv.toggle
– wesv.use
– worldedit.*
– worldguard.*

You don’t have to be a redstone genius or a command block wizard to be able to come up with exciting ideas and features. The following links can be used to generate anything from custom potions and items to special mobs and fireworks!

Head Shop Transactions
The headshop is now fully automated. You can find custom heads at the following websites.

You will be given a code once you have chosen the head that you want, copy this code into a command block to summon the head. You can give yourself a command block by typing  [/give playername commandblock 1].

Tracking Players
If you have cause to believe a player is breaking the rules, you can track them by going in to spectator mode [/gm 3], or by using [/vanish]. Please remember to switch off any glow or particle effects you have enabled, as failing to do so can easily blow your cover. You should also disable your presence on the Dynmap web page by using the [/dynmap hide] command, you can enable your presence again by typing [/dynmap show].