Vote for Humble Pie

Voting plays a crucial role in promoting the server and in encouraging new people to join the community. As the server community continues to grow, the number of donations received is also likely to increase, which enables us to continue maintaining and developing the server.

Earn Rewards for Voting

Players earn 2 reward crate keys per vote. Keys can be redeemed at /warp crates. Players can win prizes ranging from food and brewing ingredients to claim blocks, money and rare loot! Players also earn 4 points per vote, for a maximum of 16 points per day. Points can be spent in the /pointshop. Use points to purchase more homes and unlock fun commands and cosmetics!

Vote Command List

All players have access to the following commands.

  • /pointshop - spend your points
  • /points me - show how many points you currently have
  • /vote - display a link to this web page
  • /vote top - displays the monthly leaderboard
  • /warp crates - redeem crate keys at this location

The Point Shop

Our /pointshop has proven to be highly popular with our players. Votes for Humble Pie have more than quadrupled since implementing this feature earlier this year!

  • Temporary ability to use /fly for 1 hour
  • Temporary x2 money earned modifier for mob hunting for the entire server for 1 hour
  • Up to 6 additional homes
  • Up to 4096 additional claim blocks
  • Up to 54 additional inventory slots and use of the /backpack command
  • Permanent ability to keep backpack items even upon death
  • Permanent x2 money earned modifier for mob hunting
  • Permanent x2 experience earned modifier for McMMO
  • Permanent ability to use chairs and the /bctoggle command
  • Permanent ability to use the /rtp command
  • Permanent ability to use the /back command
  • Permanent ability to bypass the experience bottle exhaustion effect
  • Permissions to use nine different cosmetic effects
  • Unlimited additional McMMO levels
  • Trigger a variety of 9 temporary buffs for individual use